MUSCL Ltd Procurement expertise for the oil and gas industry

Strategic sourcing

Every company needs to consider a strategic approach in the procurement of items of high value, high annual spend, where acquisitions directly impact on competitive advantage or have a high cost of failure. This typically requires a more analytical approach.

MUSCL can assist in developing and implementing procurement strategy where total cost analysis is required rather than just price.

    The process would typically involve a combination or all of the following activities:

  • Internal data gathering
  • Supply market analysis
  • Identification of industry best practises
  • Alignment with internal customers needs
  • Opportunity identification
  • Supplier pre-qualification
  • Supplier profiling and selection
  • Tender and or negotiation of contract and award
  • Business planning and cost reduction efforts

The end result should be a lowered total cost of acquisition relative to historic costs. There should also be ongoing measurable improvements in quality, cost reduction and contribution to the bottom line of the business.

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