MUSCL Ltd Procurement expertise for the oil and gas industry


Why outsource?

Have there been times when you could have used some help with your purchasing? The need may have been temporary or for a specific project. The cost, quality and availability of temporary staff are all factors. What about the management time that gets eaten up?

But how easy is it to find a reliable company that you could outsource critical procurement functions to and not lose sleep at night?

What can MUSCL do for you?

MUSCL was created in order to offer clients the benefit of an integrated Procurement service extending from market analysis to acquisition of goods and delivery to the door. Clients feel like they have their own Purchasing department without the ongoing staff costs and management overheads. The management at MUSCL have long experience in managing procurement functions in a major oil company. They instinctively know what the service demands will be - they know what the client will expect. This ethos is central to the way the team at MUSCL operate.

We consult with clients to optimise their supply chain and build procedures closely around their needs. We find that once our clients get to know us, they trust us to deliver. If a problem develops, they know we will report the status within pre-agreed timeframes. We communicate with our clients clearly, honestly and on a timely basis.



The lack of clarity of responsibilities in a supply chain leads to performance lapses and delays. The direct and indirect costs suffered by the purchaser as a result can be considerable. Our service offering allows a single point of management control and gives us a firm grip over the whole supply chain. For the customer, there is a focal point of accountability.


When it comes to international freight forwarding, MUSCL is deeply experienced in the selection and management of freight forwarders and their performance. There are often very large savings to be made in shipping costs and MUSCL has a strong background in cost reduction in this area. This enables them to get the best value in terms of performance and price for their clients.

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