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Client: Shell Nigeria
Catering facilities expansion project. Value: $180k
Equipment purchased & supplied: Industrial ovens, refrigeration and other food processing equipment

Client: Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria
Adanga South West production expansion OPL 98. Value: $1350k
Adanga South Platform facilities expansion OPL 98. Value: $1700k
Ossu Onshore field development OPL 118. Value: $766k
Izombe Onshore field development OPL 118. Value: $995k
Ossu-Izombe bulk flowlines OPL 118. Value: $1750k
Adanga South injection platform upgrade OPL98. Value $480k
BOGI production development OPL 98. Value $540k
Addax's Ebughu Wellhead Platform Ebughu North and East offshore development OPL 98. Value: $3205k
Oron Field development OPL 98. Value: $2463k
Equipment purchased & supplied: Steel and fibreglass grating, pipe bulks, steel, ball valves, safety relief valves, pressure gauges, chemical injection pumps, Lifting davits, pig launchers and receivers, wellhead control panel, flow metering equipment, GRE and steel grating.

Taq Taq field Client: Taq Taq Operating Company, Northern Iraq
For Taq Taq field
6 and 16 inch linepipe. 16 inch Bends. Total value: $3759k

Client: ExxonMobil Nigeria
Main purchases - For OSO, Erha and Bonga fields.
Valves, structural steel, instrumentation, electrical bulks, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, linepipe, pipebulks, end closures, Cosasco access fittings, centrifugal pumps, lubricants, Choke Valves
Total value: $3900k

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