MUSCL Ltd Procurement expertise for the oil and gas industry

Accredited Buying House

Via our Lagos office, MUSCL attained the status of accredited buying house to Exxon Nigeria NIGERIA in 2007. Exxon Nigeria

Track Record

To become an accredited buying house, suppliers must demonstrate a strong track record of executed procurement projects in Nigeria. There are a relatively small number of buying houses in this position and a high level of performance is required in order to maintain the approved status.

Local vendor collaboration

Our responsibilities as a buying house are to source and supply materials for various Exxon projects from approved manufacturers as well as non-specified sources. We are also under obligation to support local Nigerian vendors by acting as a sub-contractor to them and/or providing market information.

Competitive bidding

Exxon Nigeria's procurement methodology promotes competition amongst buying houses. MUSCL has demonstrated its effectiveness in sourcing and supply through the number of supply contracts won competitively. We have supplied ExxonMobil Nigeria with approximately USD 3.9m of project materials since 2007. This account shows strong signs of growth.

Project materials including linepipe, valves and structural steel have been supplied for the ongoing development of ExxonNigeria's OSO, Erha and Bonga fields. We work closely with our Lagos office to manage the procurement, shipping and delivery to Exxon's facilities at Onne, Eket and Lagos.

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